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Horse Farm Tour - Discover America's first Gypsy Vanner Horses.

Dennis Thompson, owner of Gypsy Gold, with Daughter Tracy Thompson on Mother's Day 2011.

Raised in the picturesque farm country of Indiana, Dennis Thompson's entire personal and professional life involved animals and innovation in designing and marketing animal products. It is, in fact, unlikely that you could walk into any pet or tack store in the world without seeing a product or product presentation conceived by Dennis Thompson.

During his long career in the animal products industry, Dennis took companies from "garage" status to nationally recognized brands, Quik Silver Shampoo (of Exhibitor Laboratories) and Hamilton Halters( of Hamilton Products) are two.  

While extensive travel was involved in setting worldwide distribution, Dennis lived on a horse ranch in South Texas, where he raised four little girls alone for seven years.

 In 1988 one of his daughters who worked at Lone Star Pet Supply in San Antonio Texas called him and said,
"Dad, we just hired this new lady, she's beautiful , she has forty parrots and a Porsche, she's perfect for you" .

Dennis met fellow pet product professional (and animal lover) Cindy Tergerson,at a pet convention in Dallas. Married in 1990, Dennis and Cindy's love for animals was so profound, that the Outdoor Life Network produced a national television program about their extraordinary relationship with animals. 

 In 1995 on an animal industry business trip to Great Britain, it was Cindy who noticed a little black and white stallion as they drove through the English countryside.

 The rest of course, is Gypsy Vanner Horse history.

Dennis and Cindy had 14 wonderful years together before an accident took Cindy's life in 2002.

Dennis and Cindy Thompson imported the first sixteen Gypsy Vanner Horses to North America and are the founders of "The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society" .