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Latcho Drom's "Caymus"
Latcho Drom X Shampoo Girl
Born: July 1st, 2004
GVHS Registration #:  GV00222F1

-Stunning at Two -
Breeding great horses is a passion at Gypsy Gold. We achieve our goals by embracing another breeders simple but profound philosophy. When asked his secret to success, Federico Tesio, the world's greatest breeder of Thoroughbred race horses said, "Breed the best to the best and hope for the best."
We do that at Gypsy Gold and the result is colts like Caymus. A DNA son of Latcho Drom and Shampoo Girl, Caymus holds the genetics of two of the most dynamic Vanner horses in the world, and as a bonus Caymus is black.
Some of the most famous sires and dams in the history of the Vanner breed are black (The Lob Eared Horse, Tyson, The Old Black Horse, Bob The Blagdon Horse, The Crymere Mare, etc). Gypsies believe that black sires and dams produce deeper black and white babies. 
To a Gypsy color is the icing on the cake, not the cake. A body born from the vision that created the perfect caravan horse, or Vanner is what dedicated Gypsy breeders demand first. We currently stand two extraordinary black Vanner stallions at Gypsy Gold, (BB King and Caymus). 
Caymus was sold as an embryo and then we purchased him back. Caymus is stunning and only turned two July 1, 2006.
Caymus is extremely gentle and has excellent semen for shipping. 

2013 Stud Fee: $2500
The above text was written in 2007, back when Caymus was being introduced as a breeding stallion.  Today, in 2013, I'd like to add a few things.

Caymus is a fantastic producer, and a way of passing on his quality, consistently, similar to that of his own Sire, Latcho Drom. 

Bellow are pictures of Caymus' offspring, so you can see for yourself.

2007 filly VV Zanna
out of Vintage Vanners Tessa
pictured here at 2 years old
2007 filly WR Zoe
out of Kuchi
pictured here at 2 1/2 years old
2008 filly
out of Harlequin Princess
pictured here as a newborn
2008 stallion VV Mayacaymus (Mac)
out of Rose Petal
pictured here as a yearling
2008 gelding GG Hypnotiq
out of GG Disney Gold
pictured at 16 months
2008 gelding GG Prince Walt
out of GG Disney Gold
pictured at 1 year
2008 filly GVR Bo
out of Equirace Gypsy
pictured at 20 months
2008 filly GG Miss Molly
out of Gypsy Gold's Rexie
pictured at 18 months
2008 colt GG The Bachelor
out of Crown Darby
pictured at 2 years
2008 colt WR Shadow
out of Kuchi
pictured at 10 months
2008 filly WR Sweet Tea Pie
out of WR Pie
pictured at 3 years
2009 filly WR Briella
out of Galway's Amyette (Rani)
pictured at 7 months
2009 colt BPF Ivann
out of Kaeli
pictured at 2 years
2009 colt GG Renald
out of GG Disney Gold
picture at 2 1/2 years
2010 colt
out of GB Disney Gold
picture at 2 months
2011 colt
out of Crown Darby
picture at 5 months
2011 colt WR Bosco by Caymus
out of WR Boo (Hechicera)
picture at 2 months
2011 colt WR Willie by Caymus
out of Esmeralda
picture at 3 months
2011 filly WR Millie by Caymus
out of Esmeralda
picture at 3 months
2011 filly WR Annie Rose by Caymus
out of WR Panda Rose
picture at 2 months
2012 colt WR KC by Caymus
out of Kuchi
picture at 1 month